Meet Oleks, a talented photographer specializing in luxury real estate and interior design photography.

With a passion for storytelling through photos, Oleks captures the essence of their subjects with a unique perspective and keen attention to detail. Five years of experience in luxury real estate have honed their technical skills and deepened their appreciation for architectural design.

Using a mix of natural and artificial light, including off-camera flash and softbox lighting, he creates captivating images that showcase the beauty and character of each space. In addition, his meticulous research prior to each shoot ensures that every shot maximizes visual impact.

Dedicated to excellence and committed to delivering exceptional work, Oleks is ready to transform properties into captivating visual narratives.

Contact Oleks today to elevate your real estate and interior design photography to the next level. Let his talent and expertise bring out the true beauty of your properties and create compelling visual stories that leave a lasting impression.

+1 (929) 218-6275

Other services

Whether you’re selling a luxury estate or a one bedroom condo, our products and services can help you present your listing at its finest.

    Starting at $99

    We provide professional black-and-white floor plans to help showcase the layout and features of any property. Our floor plans are meticulously crafted with accurate measurements, and they are designed to be visually appealing and easy to understand.

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    Starting at $184

    Twilight photography captures the essence of a property during the magical time when the sun has just set and the sky is painted with vibrant hues of orange, pink and purple. This service adds an extra layer of visual appeal to your property listing, increasing its chances of attracting potential buyers.

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    Starting at $144

    Provide an immersive and realistic online experience covering the interior of any home. Increase online engagement and attract buyers from around the world. Most buyers go inside 3D models when they are available, spending an average of 6 minutes looking at them! Offer 24/7 open houses to buyers anywhere, anytime!

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    Starting at $104

    In our experience, we know how to make your listings look their best. Choose the option that works best for you and your clients and customize your order accordingly. Taking photos with us means you can expect the best from highly trained and insured photographers. Each image is enhanced and perfected to deliver the highest possible clarity and vibrancy.

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